Follow me on my journey to earning a teaching degree at WGU Indiana. I'm not your typical young student! I am beginning my journey at the age of 42, with 4 children and working hard to achieve my dream. I began my quest for education at WGU on October 1st, 2010.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Yup, that is me, smile and all. Why you ask am I smiling? Well, let me just tell you. Since my last post two very monumental things have happened! First off, I started and completed my demonstration teaching. Boy was that an experience all in itself. I swear I could probably write a book about it all, but I will keep it short and say, I learned a lot. There is nothing like real time, hands on experiences to open your eyes to all that teaching involves. I always admired teachers, but let me tell you I have a whole new found respect for them. I also learned how students somehow become like part of your family. They make you laugh, cry and most of all show you love, which amazed me the most. There were many days I came home with pockets full of pictures and little notes "my students" had created for me. I think that was the most encouraging thing. It literally warmed my heart and caused it to break when I had to leave. I will never forget my first class of students!

Secondly, December 11, 2013, a day I will never forget, I finished all of my courses! You would not believe how happy I was when I seen that final class clear and nothing was left in my course of study to complete. I quite literally laughed out loud, cried hysterically, danced the happy dance and then dang near passed out. Yes, I'm sure it would have been quite the sight to see. I'm just glad no one was around to witness it. I might just have been committed to an institution on grounds of insanity.

So folks, the end of my WGU Indiana Journey is coming to an end, but the next journey in my life is just beginning. I wonder where this next journey will take me. I have faith that it will be filled with wonderful things. Fear not though, I still have more blog posts yet to come. I will soon be beginning the process of applying for graduation and my license. You can bet that the day I receive my diploma it will be plastered all over my blog! The day I get to take the walk, likewise will be all over this place like the front page of a newspaper!

In closing, I will be back and keep things updated. Hey I have no school work to complete, so I just might have a little more time on my hands to write a bit more ;). Until the next time, remember, dreams can become reality with a little bit of hard work and faith.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? When I started this blog I had every intention of keeping it continually updated and share all my experiences during my journey through school. Unfortunately life, school and everything else hindered my great blogging intentions. I have hit a few of the highlights and thoughts I've had during the last couple of years. Yes, amazingly it has been a couple of years since I started WGU Indiana. But I don't think I can ever put into words what going WGU Indiana has meant to me and taught me. I have struggled, worked harder than I ever thought possible and accomplished things I never believed I could ever accomplish. I have learned so many things and the things that I learned that I most treasure, are the things that I learned about myself. 

I have learned that I am stronger than I ever thought. I have learned to turn struggle into a challenge. I have learned to never give up and to keep striving and pursuing your dreams. I have learned that I can change my life and my circumstances. It might seem that I am being a bit dramatic about what earning a degree can do for a person, but for me it is dramatic. It literally has been a life changing experience. The best part is that this is just the beginning. I will earn my degree and I will use that degree to change my life, and even more, hopefully I will change the lives of others. 

My best advice for those who think they are too old to go to school, or think that they could never do it, is to think twice. I believe we are all stronger than we think. We are all capable of doing things we never thought possible. The catch is you have to take the first step. You have to accept the challenge knowing that if you put forth your best efforts you will never fail. It all goes back to the old adage, "If there is a will, there is a way." Trust me on this one, if I can do it, so can you! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Biggest Littlest Motivator

Imagine my surprise Easter morning when my little girl didn't run to her basket, but instead ducked behind a chair and pulled out a surprise for me! She couldn't wait to give me the special basket she had made. It was her princess purse with a handmade note taped to it that read, " Good Job, Go Farther in WGU".  She filled the purse with pens, pencils and highlighters she had gathered. She told me that she was proud of me and wanted to give me something I could use for school.  I was surprised, proud, honored and brought to tears.

My sweet little 6 year old is my biggest littlest motivator!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rover Rhymes with Clover

One of my pre-clinical task required me to teach a lesson with a puppet. Now I have four kids so of course I have at one time or another put on a hand puppet, made the funny voice and played with everyone of my kids. But, somehow the thought of a hand puppet, a group of 1st graders staring me down and a teacher watching every step I make, put me into extreme anxiety attack. I mean think about, all the things that run through your mind. Are they going laugh? Are they going to take me serious? Oh my gosh, do I have to make the funny voice? I decided I would just suck it up, put on the puppy hand puppet, pray for the best and hope I don't pass out from fright! 

I decided to name my puppet Rover, after all he was a dog and Rover is a good dog name, right? Since I was teaching about rhyming words I used cardboard dog bones with words, which of course a dog would like to eat and have the kids find the rhyming words for Rover to consume. It sounded like a perfect plan. On top of that I gave each kid a clover to remember how rhymes sound. You know Rover likes to eat a clover for breakfast. Get it, I thought it was pretty witty at the time :). Hey it was one of the first lessons I have ever taught and I was just doing my best to find something fun, educational and non-threatening for me :). A dog with bones couldn't be too bad and terrifying for me to present. 

The day came for me to present my puppet, gather the kids around and begin the lesson. Much to my surprise the kids were excited! They couldn't wait to work with Rover and me. I was amazed and how well it went. After I introduced them to Rover and passed out their clovers the rest was a piece of cake. I loved it! I even forgot that the teacher was watching and was able to just concentrate on the lesson and the kids. They were awesome, giggled a little, had fun and learned something too! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Now looking back I can't believe that a poor little innocent dog puppet could create so much panic for me. I learned a lot about kids, me and how a lesson can be fun, informative and educational. I will never again panic over a puppy puppet :). I will just remember Rover and have a barking good time the next time a hand puppet comes along. 

The Count Down Continues

Just a quick update on my count down status. At this point I have 33 task left to complete. Sixteen of those are in the classroom and seventeen are out of the classroom. I have taken one of my test, now I just have my last Praxis (Content Knowledge) and another for school. I'm getting there slowly but surely. My first audit is April 1st. I have to have no more than 30 left to complete.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

PCE and the Count Down Begins

My pre-clinical experience will soon be starting and I will finally get to be in a classroom. I have to admit I am nervous, excited, scared and happy all at the same time! I was fortunate enough to be able to do my PCE in the school I had hoped. My two youngest children attended school there and many of the same teachers are still there. In fact one of the teachers I will be working with is a teacher who encouraged me 7 years ago to go to school for teaching. Back then I never thought it would be possible. What a difference a few years make :). 

Now that I am starting PCE the countdown to fall demonstrative teaching begins. The countdown of tasks (assignments) starts too! At this time I officially have 41 to complete before summer's end. I'm hoping to complete them as soon as possible. I have come to realize that something always seems to arise and I want to be prepared just in case :). In addition to the task I have another Praxis and two more tests to take. I can see that this time is shaping up to be a busy one. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Scholarship For Me!

      Yes that is a picture of me, Chancellor Barber and Governor Daniels! Much to my surprise I was awarded The Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. Go Further Scholarship on January 11, 2013. A day that I will never forget! I am honored, grateful, amazed and thrilled! It is all so exciting and overwhelming! 
     This scholarship means a great deal to me and will assist me in so many ways. I am fast approaching my demonstrative teaching this fall and I do have some financial concerns. Since I have two younger children I will need to enroll them in after school care and that combined with the fact I still need to find reliable transportation, is of great financial concern. By receiving this scholarship that will fund my school expenses, it will free up some much needed funds for a transportation and childcare. It has quite literally relieved some anxieties and allowed to be more able to concentrate on my studies. 
     Receiving the scholarship has also effected me in another way, an emotional way. I am encouraged and humbled. I cannot begin to describe how it feels to have someone believe in you, to notice you, to care about you. Someone noticed my struggles and acknowledge my fight to continue and persevere. That means more to me than words can begin to describe. My biggest challenge now is not to let anyone  down and to succeed. I want to walk across that stage and receive my diploma. I want to go on to do great things and hopefully change young lives for the better. I want to show and set an example for all those adults out there who think they can't, because they can! If I can do it, so can they, so can you! Life isn't always easy but no one ever said it would be. It is up to us to change our destiny, to commit to changing that destiny and following through. 

Thank You WGU Indiana for helping me Go Further!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Clouds

I felt this picture of the clouds helps to represent where I have been and what has been going on since my last posting. For me the clouds represent a great many things, reaching for the stars, Heaven, the Divine, and peace. All of these things I have experienced over the last several months.

To answer the big question, YES I am still attending WGU Indiana in my pursuit of becoming a teacher. I haven't given up. I am still reaching for the stars, even though I have had a few bumps in the road on my journey. From my previous post it is noted that I have been dealing with some health issues. Everything finally came tumbling down and I did end up in the hospital where emergency surgery was performed. I believe it was only by Divine intervention that a kind surgeon listened to me, believed me and fought hard with other doctors to recognize there was a problem that needed to be addressed. He quite literally saved my life.

I ended up having three major surgeries in one. I had a very large ventral hernia repaired, my entire left colon removed and major adhesions removed from my umbilical area. I still am having a couple of issues, but I'm doing much better than I was previously. I have a few more test scheduled in the near future and I'm praying everything will come out fine. I desperately want to move on and pray they can eliminate the pain that I still experience from time to time.

Shortly before my surgery, I had another life changing experience. My beautiful, loving, kind mother passed away. It was a day I will never forget. It was Mother's Day and I was at church. Service had just ended and my cell phone rang. It was my sister. She wanted me to know that she had checked on our mom, and found that she was no longer with us. She had passed away peacefully in her sleep. The kids and I were just getting ready to get in the car to pick up a Mother's Day cake and balloons for her. The hardest part was explaining to my little ones that we no longer needed to go to the store, that we needed to go home because Nana had went to Heaven.  I dearly love my mother, but I know that she is at peace now and in the arms of God. She will forever be in my heart, my memories and part of me forever.

As you can see my journey has been long and at times difficult. I have not given up and I believe that life gives us things to make us stronger, to teach us lessons and to mold us into who we are meant to be. How we handle our situations is what defines us. It shows the world who we really are on the inside.

I choose to look at my difficulties as a blessing of sorts. I was honored to take care of my mother the last several years and in her last few months I was given an opportunity to say all the things I wanted to say and to listen and hang on every word she said to me. God blessed us by allowing her to survive a severe heart attack near the end of her life. He saved that time for us to say our goodbyes and to share all that we could with her. I am grateful for that.

My illnesses have taught me so much too. I have learned to appreciate and not take good health and life for granted. I have also learned to accept help from others and most importantly to rely on God for all my needs.