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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rover Rhymes with Clover

One of my pre-clinical task required me to teach a lesson with a puppet. Now I have four kids so of course I have at one time or another put on a hand puppet, made the funny voice and played with everyone of my kids. But, somehow the thought of a hand puppet, a group of 1st graders staring me down and a teacher watching every step I make, put me into extreme anxiety attack. I mean think about, all the things that run through your mind. Are they going laugh? Are they going to take me serious? Oh my gosh, do I have to make the funny voice? I decided I would just suck it up, put on the puppy hand puppet, pray for the best and hope I don't pass out from fright! 

I decided to name my puppet Rover, after all he was a dog and Rover is a good dog name, right? Since I was teaching about rhyming words I used cardboard dog bones with words, which of course a dog would like to eat and have the kids find the rhyming words for Rover to consume. It sounded like a perfect plan. On top of that I gave each kid a clover to remember how rhymes sound. You know Rover likes to eat a clover for breakfast. Get it, I thought it was pretty witty at the time :). Hey it was one of the first lessons I have ever taught and I was just doing my best to find something fun, educational and non-threatening for me :). A dog with bones couldn't be too bad and terrifying for me to present. 

The day came for me to present my puppet, gather the kids around and begin the lesson. Much to my surprise the kids were excited! They couldn't wait to work with Rover and me. I was amazed and how well it went. After I introduced them to Rover and passed out their clovers the rest was a piece of cake. I loved it! I even forgot that the teacher was watching and was able to just concentrate on the lesson and the kids. They were awesome, giggled a little, had fun and learned something too! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Now looking back I can't believe that a poor little innocent dog puppet could create so much panic for me. I learned a lot about kids, me and how a lesson can be fun, informative and educational. I will never again panic over a puppy puppet :). I will just remember Rover and have a barking good time the next time a hand puppet comes along. 

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