Follow me on my journey to earning a teaching degree at WGU Indiana. I'm not your typical young student! I am beginning my journey at the age of 42, with 4 children and working hard to achieve my dream. I began my quest for education at WGU on October 1st, 2010.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Yup, that is me, smile and all. Why you ask am I smiling? Well, let me just tell you. Since my last post two very monumental things have happened! First off, I started and completed my demonstration teaching. Boy was that an experience all in itself. I swear I could probably write a book about it all, but I will keep it short and say, I learned a lot. There is nothing like real time, hands on experiences to open your eyes to all that teaching involves. I always admired teachers, but let me tell you I have a whole new found respect for them. I also learned how students somehow become like part of your family. They make you laugh, cry and most of all show you love, which amazed me the most. There were many days I came home with pockets full of pictures and little notes "my students" had created for me. I think that was the most encouraging thing. It literally warmed my heart and caused it to break when I had to leave. I will never forget my first class of students!

Secondly, December 11, 2013, a day I will never forget, I finished all of my courses! You would not believe how happy I was when I seen that final class clear and nothing was left in my course of study to complete. I quite literally laughed out loud, cried hysterically, danced the happy dance and then dang near passed out. Yes, I'm sure it would have been quite the sight to see. I'm just glad no one was around to witness it. I might just have been committed to an institution on grounds of insanity.

So folks, the end of my WGU Indiana Journey is coming to an end, but the next journey in my life is just beginning. I wonder where this next journey will take me. I have faith that it will be filled with wonderful things. Fear not though, I still have more blog posts yet to come. I will soon be beginning the process of applying for graduation and my license. You can bet that the day I receive my diploma it will be plastered all over my blog! The day I get to take the walk, likewise will be all over this place like the front page of a newspaper!

In closing, I will be back and keep things updated. Hey I have no school work to complete, so I just might have a little more time on my hands to write a bit more ;). Until the next time, remember, dreams can become reality with a little bit of hard work and faith.