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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updates and Wow did the time fly!

Wow, it is hard to believe it is the end of March already. I do have a couple of updates. I DID finish all my planned courses and manged to add another before the end of my term this month. It was almost by miracle that I felt well enough to finish the last one.

My health has been a big issue this term. I've had several very painful ulcerative colitis attacks that lasted for months on end. I didn't quite make it until my insurance kicked in, and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. I am feeling better, but I do have my bad days here and there. I am still going through testing to figure out what is causing all the pain and attacks. Not to mention my hernia has once again appeared. This time bigger and well lets just say I don't know what a belly button looks like anymore ;), mine disappeared. A golf ball now sits in its place. Yes,,, gross I know,, but it's life!

I decided not to take a break after all, and I am looking forward to my new term April 1st! I must admit I find it amusing that my term starts on April Fool's Day. It sort of mimics my life most of the time. I suppose it is some sort of cosmic side joke the universe is playing with me.

I have decided to strive and keep reaching toward my goal. It seems like it is just right around the corner, and yet so far away. I suppose when I finally graduate I will look back and think, wow, I lived through it all and laugh. No on second thought not laugh, but sigh rather loudly with the breath of relief.

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